Meet the Bakers

We source baked goods from the best local, artisan bakeries. We hope you'll enjoy your favorites and make new discoveries, while supporting local business with every order.


Moon Raccoon Baking Co. | Denver, CO 

small batch pastries. local grains & produce. all from scratch.

Find Kate and Zoe's baked goods at markets across the city, and through their own pre-order bake sales.

Available in Thursday delivery zones and for pick-up | @moonraccoonbakingco

Pandemic Donuts | Denver, CO

Serving Denver unique seasonal donut flavors!

Find Gabrielle, Michael, and their team baking in Five Points, and at the City Park Farmers Market.

Available in all Bread Club delivery zones and for pick-up. | @pandemicdonuts

Rebel Bread | Denver, CO

Rebel Bread is a small-batch, artisan bakery that's really big on character. Their bread is handmade, long-fermented, and naturally-leavened whenever possible.

Learn more about where to find Rebel Bread (and how to take one of their baking classes!) on their website.

Available in all Bread Club delivery zones and for pick-up. | @rebelbreaddenver

Sugar Bakeshop | Denver, CO

Made for you, by us. From scratch. Every day.

We are a team of early risers. We are driven by butter, sugar, and the magic that happens when those things combine. We value the process of making coffee and pastries freshly every morning. We embrace our place in the community and find value in creating a space that is warm, familiar, and welcoming.

Visit Sugar's storefront on Broadway and find them in a number of coffee shops around Denver.

Available in all Bread Club delivery zones and for pick-up. | @sugarbakeshopdenver


Bread Club started as a pandemic-response home delivery program at Rebel Bread. We're thrilled that so many people joined on, and are excited to expand the program. We currently source all of our products from Rebel Bread, with new partner bakeries joining in September.

Are you a local bakery that wants to participate in Bread Club? Please get in touch so we can put you on our menu.