Thanksgiving Pre-Orders

Bread Club will be closed the week of Thanksgiving, but you can place holiday pre-orders directly with some of our bakers!

If you are an active member, your subscriptions will automatically be paused the week of November 22. New orders and subscriptions will resume the week of November 29. 


Mile High Pie Co. | Denver, CO

Gourmet pies, quiche, and tarts, handmade in Denver, CO.

Every one of our gourmet pies is made by hand, right here in Denver. Old classics and new favorites are all piled a mile high under our tender, flaky homemade crust.

Available for Pick-Up at Rebel Bread at 675 S Broadway.

Pre-Order Pies


Moon Raccoon Baking Co. | Denver, CO 

We are providing a selection of pies, biscuits and breakfast pastries available for pick up Wednesday 11/24 from 9-1pm and Thursday 11/25 9-12pm for Thanks-taking.

5% of profits will be donated to Spirit of the Sun, an organization that provides Native Americans in the Denver area with youth programs.

Available for Pick-Up at Stir Cooking School at 3215 Zuni St

Pre-Order the Thanks-taking Menu



Rebel Bread | Denver, CO

Bring Rebel Bread home to your table. We’re offering pre-orders on some special holiday items, designed to get you through the entire holiday week.

Available for pick-up at Rebel Bread at 675 S Broadway.

Pre-Order Bread and Pastries


Sugar Bakeshop | Denver, CO

Made for you, by us. From scratch. Every day.

We are a team of early risers. We are driven by butter, sugar, and the magic that happens when those things combine. We value the process of making coffee and pastries freshly every morning. We embrace our place in the community and find value in creating a space that is warm, familiar, and welcoming.

Available for Pick-Up at Sugar Bakeshop at 277 Broadway.

Pre-Order Pies and Pastries